Forum Guide

To ensure our online community remains a safe space to share, we ask everyone to follow our “sharing together” guidance.

The topics discussed within this forum may be triggering to some people. Please be aware of this before joining the forum. If you are having issues related to these topics please call for further support 020 7510 1081  [email protected]

We have a moderation team whose role is to have an overview of the forum interactions*, taking action where necessary, such as when members’ actions are not in agreement with “sharing together” guidance.

Sharing Together guidance

Creating a username

  • Please do not use a name that can identify you, such as your full name
  • Please avoid using a name that may have potentially triggering effect (anything that reminds someone of previous trauma) when others see it
  • Please make sure you are happy with your username before submitting your registration

Account management

  • Please do not share your username or account information with others
  • Use one account only – this will help maintain a safe community
  • If you wish to close your account, please fill in the Contact Form
  • If you do re-join [after closing your account], please let the community know what your username is via public post

Using the forum

  • We have an expectation that members are responsible for what they contribute
  • As with your username, please do not post information that can identify you or others
  • Be mindful of creating posts that may cause distress to others
  • Please prefix potential triggering posts, e.g. about self-harm, with: #Triggering#
  • Avoid generalisations [using 3rd person perspectives] when sharing your own experiences
  • Please do not post commercial links for advertising purposes
  • Consider your safety before meeting in person with others you do not know from the forum
  • Please be aware that the forum is not monitored 24/7 and any responses required from the moderation team could take up to 72 hrs (allowing for weekends and bank holidays)

The forum moderators will be able to

  • Edit posts
  • Remove posts
  • Lock threads
  • Suspend accounts
  • * Respond within 72 hrs (allowing for weekends and bank holidays)